Business skills

Enhance your business skills.  Create your business plan, your technology roadmaps and much more.

Afbeelding van Decision making

Decision making

On a personal level, making a decision seems to be easy. We do it every day. On a business level it's a lot harder to see the forest from the trees.

  • Which variables do we take in account?
  • How do we validate these arguments?
  • How do we measure the pro's and con's?
  • How do we foresee the impact of a decision?

Argentum teaches you and your staff a strategic way to go about making decisions. Not only because you'll make better choices, but you will be able to explain to your stake- and shareholders why you came to that conclusion.

Creating business plans

Size doesn’t matter for a good business plan. A local business benefits as much from a strong held corporate manifest as any worldwide enterprise. It’s coming up with a good business plan that’s tricky. 

Argentum takes you through the steps of writing (and altering!) a solid business plan. You don’t have a vision until everyone knows what it is.

Creating road maps

t might be as big as the implementation of a new technology or as simple as a change in the working schedule of the lunch room personnel. Change can cause havoc when you haven’t thought it through. 

Argentum teaches you an efficient way to map out a path to a new situation. Road mapping skills are for life. It’s up to you to acquire them early.

Afbeelding van Risk assessment

Risk assessment

When coming up with new products or processes, don't rely on your gut feeling to assess the risks involved. Argentum Consult will give you a clear, scientific view on the risks and the impact of those risks on your organisation. 

  • What are the risks?
  • How likely they are to occur?
  • What is the impact of those risks on individuals, the company or the environment?
  • Can our company handle that risk?

Risk assessment is the science of danger, not so much a gut feeling.

Afbeelding van Multiple projects management

Multiple projects management

Managing multiple projects, often intertwined and dependent upon each other is no longer a short cut to a burn-out. It are skills you can learn.

Argentum lays out the techniques, tactics and tricks of the trade that give you total control over an otherwise guaranteed management minefield.